Would you like to eat more fruit and vegetables, more whole grains and less animal products?

Do you want to provide wholesome, nourishing meals for yourself and your family but find yourself overwhelmed and disorganized in the kitchen?


  • ...an organized pantry with all the staples you need to cook quick, wholesome meals.
  • ...a well-thought-out plan filled with your favorite seasonal recipes for the entire season.
  • ...a shopping list ready to grab and go, making grocery trips efficient and stress-free.

Discover how to make the most of your groceries, avoid food waste, and create a well-stocked pantry that supports your healthy eating goals.

  1. First we are creating a seasonal meal plan for breakfast and dinner, and we’re going to look at lunch options too.
  2. Then we’ll think about recipe organization and write two shopping lists that you can use again and again.
  3. Finally you can get your pantry organized and ready for the season.

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When my kids were small I longed for a simple solution to create healthy meals for us on a daily basis.

I often didn’t know what to cook, or if I tried cooking from recipe books I didn’t have the right ingredients at home.

So we usually ended up resorting to the same three meals or other less nutritious options like cereals for dinner.

But over time I discovered a way to easily plan our meals at the beginning of every season and make the best use of the produce available to us throughout the year.

I’m excited to share my experiences and process with you in this workshop, so you too can revolutionize your kitchen and create a nourishing environment for your family.

🌱 Meal Planning and Preparation:

Master the art of efficient meal planning and preparation, saving you time and money while ensuring you always have a nutritious plant-based option at your fingertips.

🌱 Easy and Delicious Recipes:

Learn how to prepare delectable plant-based dishes that leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.

🌱 Lifelong Habits for Success:

Acquire practical tips and strategies for sustaining your plant-based lifestyle beyond the workshop, ensuring a seamless transition into a healthier and more conscious way of living.

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